Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Surah At Thariq.

Hamba Allah.

Saya saorang hamba Allah.
Saya miskin dan hina.

I am a Muslim.

I am not a terrorist.

I am from Malaysia.

I like to be unknown when around,
and unnoticed when not around.

How to get crazy?

You can get crazy by joining a political party.
You can get crazy by drinking alcoholic or holy water.
You can get crazy by taking ganja, heroin, shabu and similar drugs

I am anti democracy.

All over the world, where you find democracy, people just go crazy. Before election time, people go crazy because many people want to get elected. During election time, people go crazy because people want to elect the people of their choice. Post election time, people go crazy, because the people they chose did not get elected.

But then democracy has existed for a long time that going crazy is a normal thing to do. You are crazy if you are not crazy. That is why I am anti democracy.


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